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Angela Davis, the passionate food blogger, celebrated recipe developer, cookbook author, mom of two, and the brains and personality behind the wildly successful Kitchenista Diaries, brings her Virginia roots to Frame for one incredible June weekend.

Featured in The Washington Post, Food 52, Wine Enthusiast, and Food & Wine Magazine, Angela’s organically grown, highly engaged online community was born out of the desire to create space for other young Black women in the kitchen, who were absent from most of the content and imagery she saw in food media.

Fast forward. The Kitchenista Diaries is now celebrating 10 mouthwatering years on the internet, and Angela is paying homage to the food she grew up with — American soul food and the Portuguese-influenced cuisine of Cape Verde — bringing us her latest labor of love: two nights of dinner parties and a highly anticipated Father’s Day Brunch!

No need to bring Dad; all are welcome!

Think: coffee-braised oxtail with duck fat-roasted collard greens and grits; clams with saffron broth and cornbread; spicy lobster with tomato gravy, pickled fennel, and grits; coffee-rubbed hanger steak with chimichurri and plantain fries; and banana pudding crème brûlée!

We’re all in for a serious treat…the results are bound to be absolutely banging. 
We can hardly wait to welcome Angela Davis to the Frame-ily.

Dinner Party Menu

( 1 )

Lamb Head Cheese, Sardine Rillettes, Pickled Okra, Smoked Gouda,
Mustard, Hot Sauce, Crackers, Preserves

( 2 )
Linguiça, Saffron Broth, and Cornbread

( 3 )
Taco Duo

Smoked Duck, Guajillo Chile Sauce, Cabbage, Pickled Onion
Lobster, Caviar, Chile Butter, Fennel, Lettuce

( 4 )
Coffee Braised Oxtail

Duck Fat Roasted Collard Greens, and Grits

( 5 )
Buttermilk Biscuits

Smoked Cherries, Bourbon Whip

Sunday Brunch Menu

( 1 )
Fried Oyster Deviled Duck Egg

Caviar Bump + Smoked Watermelon Gazpacho Shot 

( 2 )
Buttermilk Biscuit

Duck Sausage Gravy, Collard Greens and Apple Slaw

( 3 )
Spicy Lobster

Tomato Gravy, Pickled Fennel, and Grits

( 4 )
Coffee Rubbed Hanger Steak

Chimichurri, Plantain fries

( 5 )
Banana Pudding

Crème Brûlée

++ Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu++