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Tile Glazing and Tinctures with Detroit's Pewabic Pottery


Tile Glazing and Tinctures with Detroit's Pewabic Pottery Frame & FRAMEbar > Tile Glazing and Tinctures with Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery

Next up in our frame(makers) season, we’ve tapped a “maker” with a 116-year legacy who believes in the alchemy of earth and fire. That everyone has creative potential. That beer tastes better in a handcrafted pint…And just like us, they believe that good craftsmanship never goes out of style.

Meet Tile Glazing and Tinctures taught by Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery right here in our frame(making) space — paying homage to the unmitigated joy of making.

Enriching our human spirit on many “maker” levels, the Pewabic team will walk us through hands-on how to glaze bisqued (fired once) tiles, soaking up the coveted techniques the Pewabic fabrication team is famed for. The most gorgeous Pewabic colored glazes. Wine and Cocktails served from behind frame’s marble bar. We’re counting the days to roll up on our sleeves for this one!

Remember: as part of this frame makers season, we’re helping you think ahead! for which you can (and will want to) get gifting. Pewabic will bring extra tiles so you can add one on; making one for yourself and your second one to gift: Hostess Gifts. Thank You Gifts. Holiday Gifts.

Post-class, your tiles go back to the experts at Pewabic to be put in a kiln. Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for your finished tiles…meaning you can either pick them up from Pewabic or meet your tiles back at frame. (we’ll even have a drink waiting for you!) frame(making) we kind of love you this season