Paul Virant's Gaijin (an Okonomiyaki) Test Kitchen


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frame presents Gaijin (an Okonomiyaki) Test Kitchen with Chicago’s Paul Virant Five-Course Gaijin Experience   
For most of us, Chef Paul Virant is a household name. But in the slight chance you’re not so familiar, trust us: you’ve seen his face on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, he’s been tagged a Best New Chef by Food & Wine and his buzzy flagship restaurant, Vie, just outside Chicago, earned a Michelin star in 2011. Next up at frame comes an exclusive test-kitchen preview of the super talented chef’s new project, Gaijin, opening later this summer in Chicago’s West Loop. Gaijin will serve okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake, griddled and customizable with everything from cabbage, noodles and veggies, to pork, shrimp, fried eggs and “dancing” bonito flakes, plus lots of tasty toppings. Paul hit upon a perfect marriage of this traditional Osaka soul food, thanks to his wife Jennifer’s influence , who spent a semester studying near Osaka, where she fell in love with Okonomiyaki.
Using his preserving skills and tapping into his relationships with local farmers for high-quality local proteins, Paul joins us for one night in frame’s open kitchen where guests can see the traditional Osaka-style Okonomiyaki pancakes griddled up before our eyes. And then we’ll dig in to this highly crave-able dish as part of a five-course dining experience.
Chicago is about to get a really, really interesting new Japanese street food experience. We couldn’t be more ecstatic that frame gets to taste it first..
August 5, 2019 5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings Five-course Gaijin experience $75 per person + tax and service fee Included: A first Sneak-Peek Test Kitchen preview by Chef Paul Virant of his new Okonomiyaki project, Gaijin, opening later this summer in Chicago’s West Loop. The evening’s five-course menu — featuring okonomiyaki, kakigori (a Japanese shaved-ice dessert) and more — to be shared soon! Chef is kindly requesting no dietary modifications to the menu. Additional: A beverage pairing based on tastes to compliment by Gaijin’s beverage director. Sake, Japanese whiskey, highballs, ++ a la carte wine, beer and frame cocktails
Tickets on sale now!