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frame presents Magnet Test Kitchen Encore Weekend with Brad Greenhill and Mike Conrad
You didn’t miss it! After 19 consecutive sellouts, frame is proud to announce the last 4 seatings of MAGNET and their Encore weekend. An all-new menu on November 23rd and 24th! Tickets are on sale now! Since building Katoi in 2016 and re-building Takoi in 2017, Chef Brad Greenhill has gone in one direction: from strength to strength. His latest labor of love? …. Magnet, launching in Core City in early 2019. Magnet, the sophomore effort from the team that created Takoi, features a 100 percent wood-fired kitchen, a plant-centric menu, and a strong DIY ethos. Greenhill describes the cuisine for Magnet as elemental, a characteristic the food shares with its fuel source.   So where do we all come in? For three weekends in a row, frame turns into Brad Greenhill and Mike Conrad’s Test Kitchen as they begin working on the food concepts driving their new restaurant.  Each weekend’s menu will be unannounced and updated weekly to allow the chefs to prepare a menu in line with the seasons and local markets.  An “all in” or a vegan option will be offered to each guest nightly.  Don’t be a loner here, let’s do what we do best:  Share this frame experience from one table to the next!
November 23rd and 24th 6:00pm and 9:00pm seatings $65 / person + tax and service fee Included: A Magnet Test Kitchen and Preview with Brad Greenhill and Mike Conrad A Vegetarian, Vegan and “all in” menu is offered at checkout Additional: Beer, Wine and Frame Cocktails
Tickets on Sale on Now!