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Komodo Kitchen's Indonesian Rijsttafel Night


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frame presents Komodo Kitchen’s Indonesian Rijsttafel Night with Gina Onyx
We welcome you to a Rijsttafel Night at frame, hosted by Komodo Kitchen’s Gina Onyx , a culinary entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia. “What is Rijsttafel you might ask? Good question. Meaning “rice table”, rijsttafel is a nearly unending parade of small plates all filled with different spicy- sticky-sweet Indonesian cuisine. All accompanied by rice, of course. Rijsttafel comes from Indonesia, but the concept of rijsttafel was originally created by Dutch colonists living in Indonesia. Inspired by Nasi Padang, which is an Indonesian dish of rice surrounded by multiple meats and various vegetables in zesty sauces, the colonial Dutch created the massive feast we know today as rijsttafel as a way to sample as many different Indonesian dishes in one sitting as they possibly could. This meal will have a standard, vegetarian and vegan option upon checkout.  All dinners are prepared special for each guest.
Menu Starter Sate Tahu Cantik Palate Cleanser Pandan Tea Main Jewel Nasi Tumpeng Kecil / Mini Rijsttafel Royal Rice Beef Rendang Chicken Opor Sambal Goreng Kentang Bihun Goreng Telur Belado Acar Wortel Sambal Bajak Sweet Ending a.k.a “mouthwash” Es Teler
November 10th  6:00pm and 9:00pm $50  / person + tax and service fee Additional: Wine, Beer and frame cocktails available à la carte. Cash Gratuity very much appreciated.
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