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Komodo Kitchen Warung-Style Dinner featuring Barramundi


Komodo Kitchen Warung-Style Dinner featuring Barramundi Frame & FRAMEbar > Komodo Kitchen Warung-Style Dinner featuring Barramundi

frame presents A Warung-Style Dinner featuring Barramundi with Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx  
Dubbed ‘the first lady of exotic’, Chef Gina Onyx is the culinary badass responsible for Komodo Kitchen and her undeniable status as one of the hottest tables at frame.  She loves the Indonesian landscape – and it shows – this time bringing us a Warung-Style Friday night dinner party, featuring sustainable Barramundi (deemed as “Best Choice” under the Seafood Watch sustainability program.)  An essential part of daily life in Indonesia and the Bali islands, the Warung-Style, brings a simpler, more zen and minimalist, style of cooking; instead of common heavy meats, stewed and braised for hours. Warung-Style brings soups, rice, vegetables, crackers, dipping sauce, tofu, tempeh, and grilled fish to the communal table, served by family-owned businesses, mostly by women in Warungs  (small cafés) made from bamboo, palm/coconut leaves, and thatched organic and natural eco-friendly materials. Carrying the Balinese vibe to our frame home, plan on kecapi/bamboo flute in the background and beachside peaceful energy. Bowls of Sundanese soup from the West Java Island laden with young jackfruit, green papaya, and leafy greens in a pungent sweet, sour and savory tamarind broth. Spiced Barramundi wrapped in banana leaf with Cucumber Sambal Bajak. And Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Ice-cream. Bring it on gorgeous Komodo team.  We can hardly wait to feast, Warung-Style. 


(  to start  )  Sayur Asem Sunda / Sundanese Vegetable Soup A well-known Sundanese Dish in West Java Island

Sweet Corn, Chayote, Young Jackfruit, Peanuts, Red Kidney Beans, Long Beans, Green Papaya, Leafy Green, Galangal Root, Shrimp Paste, in Pungent Sweet, Sour, and Savory Tamarind Broth with side of Kerupuk Kampung and Tapioca crackers


(  to cleanse the palate  ) Teh manis jahe High-quality Jasmine Tea Sweetened with Ginger and Pandan infused Palm Syrup


(  to dive in  ) Tahu & Tempe Bacem Jogjakarta Javanese Tofu and Tempeh Spiced in Aromatic Spices and Herbs, served with Komodo Peanut Dipping Sauce


(  to prepare for the main course  ) Nasi Uduk Ikan Kakap Putih Bakar dan Lalapan / Banana wrapped grilled Barramundi a very popular spiced Grilled/Barbequed Barramundi, Wrapped and Grilled in Banana Leaf which results in Highly Aromatic and Steamed Succulent Fish Served with Coconut Rice, Cucumber Sambal Bajak and a side of Raw Vegetables, Herb, and Fresh Key Lime


to refresh  ) Elap Tangan Bunga Kenanga Ylang Ylang & Pandan Infused Hand Hot Towel


(  to finish with a sweet  ) Rujak Nanas Spesial / Grilled pineapple with a Foster Twist Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream, Dust of Crunchy Balinese Peanuts, Cayenne & Arenga Palm Sauce Drizzle.

Friday, February 28th  5:30pm and 8:30pm seatings $60 per person + tax and service fee Included: A multi-course immersive Warung-Style Friday Night Dinner with Chef Gina Onyx and Komodo Kitchen ++ Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu ++ The above menu is naturally gluten-free and dairy-free. However, there might be a trace of wheat as it is used often as a natural preservative for all imported ingredients. Chefs use mostly use organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. A Vegan option is available at checkout. Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s beverage director Bryan Lamorena ++ a-la-carte frame cocktails, wine, and beer
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