Chef Luciano Del Signore Chef Bacco, Casa Pernoi, Bigalora


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Every family has a generational secret: and when your family legacy stems from the Del Signore heritage… the message is loud and clear: good knives are the foundation of a well-equipped kitchen. Sharpen your culinary skills (literally) and prepare to spend an intimate two hours hands-on in frame’s open kitchen with Luciano Del Signore (Bacco Ristorante, Bigalora Pizza, Casa Pernoi, Arbor Brewing Co.) and his son Ryder Del Signore, who with his passion for cooking, is unveiling his own line of knives, and yes ~~ you know it. At frame, we’re honored that we (and in you) get to work with them first! Plan to roll up your sleeves, with knife-in-hand, as Luciano properly teaches us to chop, dice, sharpen and cut with a non-stop flow of knife skills with Ryder’s tools made with a chef in mind: one touch and you’ll feel the difference of this perfect balance, weight, and lasting edge.

Eat a little. Learn a lot. Soak it all in, and then take your newfound knife skills home to practice and perfect your dice on your lucky loved ones!

From novice to professional, or somewhere in between – all who are serious about cutting are welcome. And yes…you’ll go home with your “own” Ken Knife Co. chef knife.