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frame presents The Best Of Winter  A Foraged Dinner  with Chef Joseph VanWagner
As an ode to winter’s harvest, we introduce to you the rather brilliant Chef Joseph VanWagner, who’s cut his teeth at Chicago’s Purple Pig and held posts as Sous Chef at Chartreuse and Executive Sous Chef at Bacco Ristorante. One of the genuine pioneers of foraging, gathering, and harvesting; and on a mission to introduce us to the best winter fare Michigan has to offer… We call him the ‘ Vegetable Whisperer.’ With acute respect for farmers and producers, Joseph spends his time in search of our state’s tastiest ingredients which he serves up in playful menus supercharged with modern interpretations at Tecumseh’s Evans Street Station Winter Carrot Cake with Smoked and Whipped Great Lakes Fish. Chowanmushi of Last Seasons Fermented Chantrelle Mushrooms, Parsley Root Tortellini, Stuffed MI Squab, Wintered Turnip Gratin and Fermented Beet Snow(Cone)s.  The result is a style that demands attention. And trust us. We’re listening.
MENU (( a vegetarian option is available at checkout  )) (   1   ) Sunchoke Crisp Sunchoke Cake, Sunchoke Cream, Sturgeon Caviar +++ (   2   ) Aebleskiver Toasted Birch Cream, Foraged and Fermented Sumac Pearl +++ (   3   ) Winter Vegetables Chowanmushi of Last Season’s Fermented Chantrelle Mushrooms Winter Carrot Cake with Smoked, and Whipped Great Lakes Fish Grilled Stuffed Fennel with Fennel Sausage, and Toasted Cream +++ (   4   ) Parsley Root Tortellini Parsley Broth, Parsley Oil +++ (   5   ) Stuffed Michigan Squab Foie Gras and Pistachio draped in Last Summer’s Preserved Sour Cherry Served with Wintered Turnip Gratin +++ (  pre-dessert  ) Fermented Beet Snow(cone) Cured Opo Squash(cone) +++ (   6   ) Parsnip Tart Worcestershire, Ginger, Maple, Sherry Recipe by Pastry Chef Ben Robison of Detroit’s Chartreuse 
Saturday, February 22nd 5:30pm and 8:30pm  $65 per person + tax and service fee Included: A beautiful 6-course dinner and time with Chef Joseph VanWagner A vegetarian option is available at checkout. ++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary modifications to the menu ++ Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s beverage director Bryan Lamorena ++ a-la-carte frame cocktails, wine, and beer
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