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It’s not just the visually stunning, flavorfully complex menu that chefs Davante Burnley & Dominic McCord have created, it’s also the Black-owned wines hand-chosen by Shelley Bynum of Detroit’s House of Pure Vin to go along with the meal that make this Black Winemakers Dinner so special.

Weaving together Davante & Dominic’s roots to bring an unmistakably luxurious culinary language of their own, sparks fly with dishes like the cornbread financier with smoked whitefish, chicken and silk drop dumplings with wild mushrooms and spring peas, and deconstructed peach cobbler with whisky caramel and brown butter ice cream.

With Juneteenth just around the corner, join us in honoring the Black community’s excellence —
commemorating June 19, 1865, when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas to announce that the Civil War had ended and slavery had been abolished. 

Celebrating all the goodness that June brings, Davante, Dominic & Shelley’s dinner is meant to be shared over a glass or two between friends on our new Frame summer patio, or next to the culinary action inside Frame’s open kitchen.


{{ 01 }}
Smoked Whitefish
Cornbread Financier, Fresh Herbs, House Pickles

{{ 02 }}
Boudin Balls
Green Tomato & Charred Corn Relish, Red Pepper Remoulade

{{ 03 }}
Charred Oysters
Chili Oil, Pickled Okra, Micro Collards

{{ 04 }}
Chicken & Dumplings
Silk Drop Dumplings, Pan-Seared Free Range Chicken,
Wild Mushroom, Spring Peas & Carrots

{{ 05 }}
Deconstructed Peach Cobbler
Peaches 3 Ways, Crumble,
Whisky Caramel, Brown Butter Ice Cream