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An Eastern European Dinner at Grandma Babcias


An Eastern European Dinner at Grandma Babcias Frame & FRAMEbar > An Eastern European Dinner at Grandma Babcias

frame presents  An Eastern European Sunday Dinner at Grandma Babcias with Larissa Popa, aka The Meatstress and Emilia Juocys
Larissa Popa loves meat so much she’s named herself around the heavenly provision.  A wise move, it turns out. Larrisa, aka The Meatstress, is fast becoming one of our region’s most talked about whole hog butchery and charcuterie mastress and our vocal ambassador of celebrating nose to tail eating, meaning nothing goes to waste.  Raised in a Romanian, Hungarian and German household as a first generation U.S. citizen, Larissa learnt first-hand about the subtleties of the Eastern Europe cuisine from her Polish Babcias. Larissa’s heart lies in what comes from her ethnic roots. Add in Emilia Juocys, the assistant to food writer Michael Ruhlman, working on content for books such as Salumi, Egg and Roast to this dinner and we’ve got a considerable level of charismatic talents in house. Also a first generation American, with immigrant parents from Poland and Lithuania, Emilia graduated Schoolcraft College’s Culinary Arts School, and trained under Brian Polcyn, honing her skills while working with him at Five Lakes Grill, Forest Grill, and Cinco Lagos.  Together in the frame kitchen, Chefs Larissa and Emilia are out to create an Eastern European Sunday family dinner emulating the same comforting experience, as if you would have stepped through their grandmothers front doors generation back. They are about to satisfy some food cravings we didn’t even know we had. Hungarian, Romanian and Polish flavors. And yes! there will be fresh pierogi on the table. And what did their sweet Polish Babcias have on the table to wash this all down you ask? Oh yes. Our frame beverage team has an intoxicating pairing that the generation would have approved of.  Polish vodka, Hungarian wines and the traditional Pálinka, a Hungarian fruit brandy appreciated for its potency, flavor, and fragrance. Prepare yourself for an Eastern European Sunday meal – “but in a very modern way”.


{{  Table Snacks  }} Pickled Items • Kielbasa • Bread

{{  Next  }} Dill Pickle Soup Zupa Ogórkowa | Savanyú Leves Sour Cream • Dill

{{  Family Style Dinner  }} Pierogi Ruskie | Krumplis Derelye Potato • Farmer’s Cheese • Onion • Sour Cream • Caramelized Onion

Stuffed Cabbage Gołąbki w Stylu Rumuńskim |  Töltött Káposzta Beef • Pork • Pickled Cabbage Leaves • Onion • Rice • Tomato • Sauerkraut

Chicken Paprikash Kurczak w Stylu Węgierskim | Csirke Paprikás Paprika • Sour Cream • Spätzle

Cucumber Salad   Mizeria  | Tejfölös Uborkasaláta

Roasted Beets Buraczki Pieczone |  Cékla

{{  Dessert  }} Dobos Torte Chocolate Buttercream • Vanilla Sponge

Kolaches | Kifli Walnuts • Golden Raisins  • Lemon

Sunday, February 24th 4:00pm and 7:00pm seatings $55 per person + tax and service fee Included: An Eastern European Sunday Meal with Larissa Popa, aka The Meatstress and Emlilia Juocys Additional: Beer, Polish Vodka and Hungarian Wines will be avaiable for your drinking pleasure. ____________________________________________________ Tickets on sale Now!