Frita Feast - Cuban Street food with Eve Aronoff


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Frita Batidos’ Feast Cuban Inspired Street food with Eve Aronoff of Frita Batidos Mother’s Day Weekend
Frita Batidos typifies everything we crave about Cuban culture and Cuban street food. Conch fritters, twice fried ripe plantains, sweet, savory and spicy ropa vieja, tropical shrimp, coconut ginger rice and, oh so much, more – all to be washed down with pitchers of mojitos, frozen Frita margaritas, pisco hibiscus lemonade and bucketfuls of Latin beer. Frita Batidos is the juxtaposition of Eve Aronoff’s two greatest passions – The desire to create something truly special through the merging of the highest standards and attention to detail with the warmth and conviviality of feeding the people she loves. Eve grew up spending time in Miami, with her Grandmother, and the Cuban, and more broadly, Latino cultures became a major influence in her style of cooking. Her love for the ingredients, culinary traditions and spirit of the culture grew as she spent years working alongside people from these communities.  Excited by the melting pot aspect of Cuban culture and cuisine with significant migrant communities including Chinese, Spanish, Creole and African – Eve, always savoring the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, took that knowledge as a starting point to see where her imagination would take it from there!Eve’s style combines the Philosophy of Classical French Cuisine with a love for big flavors, bold spices, texture and contrast. Come join us at frame for a Mothers Day weekend of Cuban inspired feasting with an abundant Frita Feast. We’re excited to share a sneak peak of Frita Batidos’ hotly anticipated Detroit location which will be opening downtown this fall.
Saturday, May 12th 6:00pm Sunday, May 13th 4:00pm and 7:00pm $50 / person + tax and service fee Included: – Family Style meal over 2 hours – Additional: Pitchers of Mojitos, Frozen Frita Margaritas, Pisco Hibiscus Lemonade and bucketfuls of Latin beer will be available! Cash Gratuity very much appreciated Please let us know upon checkout of food allergies and party seating arrangements. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate. Thanks for understanding!
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