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Fresh Prince of Bellaire forager's feast

Chef Randy Minish Chef Terrain


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Now, this is a story all about how
Chef Randy Minish’s cooking turned heads upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you all about an upcoming dinner with a Bellaire flair

In the kitchen is where Chef Randy spent most of his days
Choppin’, cookin’, and mixin’ a craze
Started his journey at Lulu’s Bistro and worked up his skills
Became sous chef at Moka, making culinary thrills

With Detroit and San Francisco as his training grounds
Chef Randy Minish knows how to make killer flavors abound
Now back in Bellaire, with his restaurant Terrain in tow
Crafting dishes with local ingredients that will make your taste buds glow

From the forests and fields, he sources his feast
A forager at heart, with nature’s bounty unleashed
His dishes reflect the season and the land
Come taste his creations, handcrafted and grand

Like wild rice puff with parsnip mousse
Followed by a hazelnut butter and clear celery soup
(Plus smoked trout pâté en croûte)
Then it’s lights out for Michigan craft beef oxtail lasagna
But you’ll never forget when chef drops that Michigan cherry chocolate cake on ya

So pull up to Frame in Hazel Park April 1st and 2nd
And let Chef Randy Minish serve you up a meal that’s truly special
With dishes made from local ingredients and a style all his own
He’s made his hometown his culinary throne
His passion for food is unmatched anywhere
So come find out why we call him the “Fresh Prince of Bellaire”

Course 1
Wild Rice Puff

Parsnip Mousse, Ramp Salt, Sumac

Course 2
Clear Celery Soup

Hazelnut Brown Butter Royale, Beet & Sunflower Crumble, Golden Beets

Course 3
Smoked Trout Pâté En Croûte
Rhubarb Gelee, Bacon, Tarragon, Pickled Fennel, Dijon 

Course 4
MI Craft Beef Oxtail Lasagna

Oxtail Ragu, Local Wheat Pasta, Leelanau Cheese Raclette Sauce, Broccolini

Course 5
Michigan Cherry Cake
Chocolate Cake, King Orchard Cherry, Foraged Choke Cherry Mousse 

This menu is dotted with some very special Northern Michigan purveyors:
Grass Lake Organics
King Orchard
Leelanau Cheese Company
Witt Family Farm
Daybreak Dreamfarm
Michigan Craft Beef