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Craig Leickfelt's FELT LIKE with Yani Frye of Bad Luck


Craig Leickfelt's FELT LIKE with Yani Frye of Bad Luck Frame & FRAMEbar > Craig Leickfelt’s FELT LIKE with Yani Frye of Bad Luck

Craig Lieckfelt Presents FELT LIKE Debut at Frame

with Special Guest Yani Frye of Bad Luck

FELT LIKE is a soup company that helps solve the most important issue we face as a local, national and global community which is food insecurity. For every bowl of soup sold, Felt Like provides a bowl of soup to someone in need. Each weekend will explore a classic soup preparation and a meal created around each soup. It will showcase a classic preparation and also dishes that are inspired by the soup variety. Backstory on Craig and Guns and Butter in Citizen’s Of Humanity put it best: “Guns + Butter started with an eight-course, $65 dinner that Lieckfelt cooked in the kitchen of a breakfast joint in Corktown, a neighborhood considered by some to be the cradle of Detroit’s burgeoning DIY artist scene. The three-night dinner series sold out, which set the precedent for the whirlwind that has followed: SoHo, Brooklyn, Tribeca and the East Village in New York City. India, Singapore and London. A Dubai series in partnership with Rolling Stone magazine. The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles (where Lieckfelt illegally served smuggled foie gras and a dinner on Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain.” Continuing his residency as a chef in Tokyo, and now returning home to Detroit, he begins FELT LIKE, a soup company. Each week Craig and FELT LIKE will change its’ menu and collaborate with a guest bartender on a beverage pairing.

Week one begins with Yani Frye of Bad Luck Bar. If you’ve been to Bad Luck, you’ve experienced Yani’s experimental performance cocktails and his balanced restraint of not “over doing it”.  Yani strays a bit here as he will collaborate with Craig to create a series of short cocktails that are intended to enhance FELT LIKE.  We are forgoing our traditional wine pairing for this special engagement and Yani’s beverage menu.