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Cocktails & Bonbons with Guilt Chocolates & Jaz'Min Weaver


Cocktails & Bonbons with Guilt Chocolates & Jaz'Min Weaver Frame & FRAMEbar > Cocktails & Bonbons with Guilt Chocolates & Jaz’Min Weaver

frame (academy) presents Date Night: Cocktails and Bonbons with Guilt Chocolates and Jaz’Min Weaver
We may be biased but, in our opinion, there’s no more of a romantic gesture than cocktails and bonbons.  After all, booze and sugar are universally acknowledged as the best way to your partner’s hearts.  In this mid-February workshop, we marry a cocktail workshop by Jaz’Min Weaver paired with artisanal hand-rolled truffles and hand-painted encased bonbons by Guilt Chocolates for an evening balanced in sweetness where each sip and bite is a delicious unity of texture, flavor, and fragrance. A sensory experience? Yes. That’s what we’re going for here.
Thursday, February 13th 6:30pm $70 per person + tax and service fee Each workshop is limited to 20 guests Included: Welcome punch, snacks and two hours fully devoted to the art of making cocktails by Jaz’Min Weaver paired with chocolate conversation and hand-painted encased bonbons by Scott Breazeale and Joe Nader of Guilt Chocolates. Spirits to include rye whiskey and vodka to accentuate the flavors of the chocolates. Additional: 4 piece or 12 piece artisanal hand-painted encased bonbons by Guilt Chocolates to take home. Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set to master your cocktails at home: Set includes: • Seamless Yarai Mixing Glass • Hoffman Barspoon • Japanese Style Jigger 1oz/2oz • Set of Koriko Weighted Shaking Tins • Koriko Hawthorne Strainer ++ ala carte, beer, wine, and more frame cocktails.
Tickets on sale now.
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