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A Cheese & Boozy Workshop with Chicago's Cheese Sex Death


A Cheese & Boozy Workshop with Chicago's Cheese Sex Death Frame & FRAMEbar > A Cheese & Boozy Workshop with Chicago’s Cheese Sex Death

frame (academy) presents A Cheese and Boozy Workshop with Erika Kubick founder and owner of  Chicago’s Cheese Sex Death
We’re excited to welcome Chicago’s cheesemonger Erika Kubick of sexy fromage site, Cheese Sex Death for a February educational workshop taking a walk on the wild side, pairing booze and cheese. Together, over two hours we’ll learn which cheese pairs best with whiskey. Explore how to pair cheese with beer from Saisons to Ales. And work out which cheeses balance a dry tart Rosé…spoiler alert: milky burrata and salty halloumi are two favorites that don’t overpower. Come hungry and thirsty as this is going to be one indulgent cheese-y afternoon as we learn and imbibe through Erika’s 10 Commandments of Cheese from the likes of: Thou Shalt Buy Cheese Often. Only buy as much as you can eat within a few days, and then polish it off. Thou Shalt Enjoy Thy Cheese At Room Temp. refrigeration dulls the flavor of cheese and makes the texture brittle instead of yielding. Before serving, let soft cheeses sit out for at least 20 minutes and firmer wedges for 40 minutes. and … Thou Shalt Respect The Rind.  All rinds are edible unless they’re coated in wax or cloth. A sensory experience that will be enjoyed slowly, this Saturday workshop is a perfect addition to your Valentine’s weekend. Especially thanks to Erika’s Sexy Cheese Swag: which yes — we’ll have in house!
Saturday, February 8th 1:00pm $80 per person + tax and service fee Each class is limited to 20 guests Included: A 2-hour workshop by Chicago’s Cheese Sex Death founder Erika Kubick tasting cheese and booze with a Cheese Tasting Bible including a list of cheese commandments to prevent sacrilege, a prayer to prep your body for pleasure, and six empty fields for taking notes on the cheeses you’re worshipping. Additional: Sexy Cheese Swag – we suggest you pre-order to ensure your size and quantities are available on the day of the frame workshop.
Tickets on sale now.
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