Charcuterie MasterClass Whole Animal Series with Brian Polcyn


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frame (academy) presents Charcuterie MasterClass | Whole Animal Series with Chef Brian Polcyn
We re-welcome Chef Brian Polcyn, charcuterie and whole hog butchery expert back to frame for a serious full afternoon of learning with a non-stop flow of material. Beginning with the fundamentals of butchery, and progressing to the intricate parts of the charcuterie craft. With 35+ years of knowledge in butchery, we couldn’t be more honored to spend an afternoon with this master of his trade. Study whole pig butchery showing the best way to utilize the animal as it pertains to charcuterie. Master fresh sausage making techniques and production including basic grind method, primary bind, casing handling, stuffing and tying techniques. Learn French Charcuterie items including country terrine, raised meat pie, classic caillette, rillons, and confit. And delve into a discussion on salami production including nitrites and nitrates, fermentation and drying room environment. From novice to professional, or somewhere in between – all who are serious about Charcuterie are welcome.
Sunday, December 1st 10AM to 3PM  $425 per person + tax and service fee The workshop is limited to 22  guests Included: A 5-hour Charcuterie course with meat and sausage to take home. Additional: ++ ala carte, beer, wine, frame cocktails.
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