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Unearth your inner calm and join College for Creative Studies graduate and artist Katie Bramlage
for an early August hands-on Totem Making Workshop.

You’ll start by combing Katie’s “beach” of handmade glazed and unglazed stoneware clay pieces, scavenging for treasures, selecting your own pieces and setting up your personal spot alongside waxed polyester thread, driftwood, cotton cord, rings, and feathers to create your custom Totem.

The Totem — which is a call to slow down and to give thanks to your cave — is intended to be hung in a place you like to hang out, metaphorically sheltering your space from the “storm.”

Midwest Living Magazine recently featured Katie’s Totems, finding the tying therapeutic and the trendy wall hangings as a way to slow down.
Grab your crew and rest assured that the drinks will be flowing. And if you get in an (unintentional) knot, Katie will be right by your side to see you through.

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