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Celebrating Black History Month w/Chef Max Hardy & Chef Taz


Celebrating Black History Month w/Chef Max Hardy & Chef Taz Frame & FRAMEbar > Celebrating Black History Month w/Chef Max Hardy & Chef Taz

frame presents Celebrating February Black History Month with Chef Max Hardy and Chef Taz 
Celebrating at frame once more in February honoring Black History Month, Chef Max Hardy brings an evening of creativity to the kitchen with Chef Taz in pursuit of sensory inspiration. Think warm Braised Short Rib with Peruvian Potato Puree and Fried Parsnip, Roasted Root Vegetables with Candied Pecans and Low County Egg Pie with Chocolate Mousse. Add in music to inspire, evoke, remember and celebrate important people, contributions and seminal moments in history with Detroit visual artist Gerald Collins creating live speed painting visual performances during both seatings …. and we’re ready to round out February celebrating together.

Dinner Two Chef Max Hardy and Chef Taz MENU


(   01   ) Bread Meet Bread Hog Cheese, Smoke Cheese Cured, Scotch Bonnet Chutney


(   02   ) Tomato and Onion salad Onion Vin, Pickled Tomato, Collards


(   03   ) Trio of Roasted Root Vegetables with Candied Pecans

( 04 ) Crispy Fish Collar Picklez, Sweet Potato Aioli, Baby Green


(    05   ) Braised Short Rib Peruvian Potato Puree, Fried Parsnip, Cider, and Crack Peppercorn Demi

(   06   ) Low County Egg Pie with Chocolate Mousse


February 25th 5:30pm and 8:30pm Seatings Each Evening  $70 per person + tax and service fee Included: A 6-course dinner celebrating Black History Month by Chef Max Hardy and Chef Taz with live artwork created as visual performance art by Gerald Collins during the dinners. ++ Chefs are kindly requesting no dietary modifications to their menus. Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s beverage director Bryan Lamorena ++ a-la-carte frame cocktails, wine, and beer
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