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We at Frame love wine. A lot. We love thinking about it, talking about it, and drinking it. So it will come as no surprise, that we’re welcoming back David Bos of Bos Wines, bringing a little bit of the Northern Michigan’s magical wine scene to Frame just in time in for the December holidays.

Creating an evening with a focus on his organic and biodynamic farming practices, the focus will be on sparkling wine and riesling with a few trusted big reds as well, perfect for your winter dinner parties.
Bring your thirstiest self as David shares his secrets on which bottles he entrusts for entertaining, and why knowing the “story behind a bottle can turn these beauties into amazing wine gifts.

We also adore a party with a purpose : meaning lots of beautiful bottles will be at the ready to take home and enjoy all winter at all of your holiday gatherings! 
Mark your calendars for this one and consider your wine shopping complete.