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Gaberial and Gaberiala Botezan

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It’s obvious that we love our Thursday nights at Frame.

And Wagyu and Caviar can only mean one thing: another truly stunning tasting menu that reflect Chefs Gabriel and Gabriela Botezan’s unique style perfecting their signature brand of inventive, market-driven neo-bistro cooking.

What we end up with are gorgeous creations like Wagyu beef tataki with crispy garlic and black radish, pasta with mascarpone and caviar, grilled Wagyu with fried shishitos and fondant potat, and vanilla blackberry ‘caviar’ mille fouille to top it all off.

Paired with wines by Frame’s Sommelier Sean Crenny and rounded out with cocktails by Frame’s mixtress Jaz’min Weaver, here’s your chance to experience the spring bounty in style.


{  01. }
Oyster Custard Pie

Smoked Caviar

{ 02. }
Wagyu Beef Tataki

Tosazu Sauce, Crispy Garlic, Black Radish

{  03. }

Mascarpone, Diced Tomatoes, Caviar

{ 04. }
Grilled Wagyu

Fried Shishito Peppers, Fondant Potato, Veal Jus Reduction

{  05. }
Vanilla Blackberry Caviar Mille Fouille

++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu++