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Sensory Dinner Experience

Kyle Schutte + Sfumato + Castalia Cocktails


A Sensory Dinner Experience by Chef Kyle Schutte, Sfumato Fragrance, and Castalia Cocktails Frame & FRAMEbar > > A Sensory Dinner Experience by Chef Kyle Schutte, Sfumato Fragrance, and Castalia Cocktails

Sensory overload? No such thing. We’ve tapped our city’s most fashionable perfume maker Sfumato Fragrance, their swanky sister bar Castalia Cocktails, and the uber-talented Chef Kyle Schutte (executive chef at Detroit’s celebrated Wright & Company) to flawlessly pair scent, sips, and artistic plates into one wildly fab sensory experience. Over two hours together, scents will be diffused into Frame via vaporizer bags, dry ice fog, and scented wristbands, while homemade tinctures will turn into cocktails, and five courses of forward-thinking dishes all find their way to get the best out of every single ingredient.
Completely flawless. One intimate seating.

We can’t think of a better way to get us through February’s dark and chilly nights.

Sensory Dinner Experience Menu

{{ SEA }}
First Course • Scent • Cocktail Pairing

West Coast Oyster
Dashi Sand / Yuzu Gelee / Tangerine Lace
Scent Pairing

Cocktail Pairing
Dirty Gin Martini with Oyster Brine

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Second Course • Scent • Cocktail Pairing

Forest Floor Hinoki-Poached Baby Beets
Hinoki Poached Baby Beet / Galangal Whipped Tofu
Macadamia / Coconut Toasted Wild Rice / Hinoki and Vanilla pearls
Powdered Grapefruit / Rosemary / Sage
Scent Pairing
Cocktail Pairing
Cachaca Mai Tai with Macadamia Orgeat and Pandan 

{{  SURFACE }}
Third Course • Scent • Cocktail Pairing

Skirt Steak
Coffee-Scented Potato / Bourbon-Flamed Onion / “Leather”
Scent Pairing
Bourbon & Old Books
Drink Pairing
Olive Oil Washed Old Fashioned with Horseradish ‘Caviar’

{{  SKY }}
Fourth Course • Scent • Cocktail Pairing

Chamomile and Citrus Hen
Roasted Cranberry / Compressed Cucumber
Scent Pairing
Drink Pairing
Oat Milk and Vetiver Apple Brandy Fizz

{{  SWEET }}
Fifth Course • Scent • Cocktail Pairing

Soy Panna Cotta – Citrus / Caramelized White Chocolate / Nutmeg Crumble
Dark Chocolate – Coffee / Coriander
Crispy Milk Chocolate Polenta – Black Pepper Caramel / Spruce 
Scent Pairing
Siren Song
Drink Pairing
Meletti Rose Manhattan
Coriander Chinato ’75’
Vanilla Coffee Sour

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