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PAIRED by Chef Adam McMarlin of Wren (Suttons Bay) with MAWBY and bigLITTLE Wines Frame & FRAMEbar > , > PAIRED by Chef Adam McMarlin of Wren (Suttons Bay) with MAWBY and bigLITTLE Wines

A Suttons Bay wine dinner typifies everything we crave about the feelings of togetherness.
Laid back, supremely creative, but totally unpretentious.

With vegetables sourced by local responsible farmers and big wines from land stewards of Leelanau Peninsula.

“It’s all in our mood, the smells from our open kitchen and the sound from the speakers” as this wildly talented combo swings down from Suttons Bay, a picturesque village in Leelanau County, bringing environmentally responsible food by Chef Adam Mcmarlin of Wren along with sips by their Northern neighbors, MAWBY and bigLITTLE wines.

Taking inspiration from his surroundings, Chef Adam’s artful approach includes pickling, preserving, and fermenting. Dishes like ceviche de pulpo with salsa bruja; beef short ribs with red miso aioli and shiitake; and cardamom cake with orange caramel are paired perfectly with a carefully chosen selection of on-point Michigan wines. Here, sustainable vineyard practices that include limiting pesticides, planting beneficial crops in row middles, irrigating responsibly, and general respect for the land, bring us glasses from the likes of:

MAWBY Grace Brut Rosé
MAWBY 50th Anniversary Cuveé
bigLITTLE Lee Normi
bigLITTLE Mixtape

There are few places better to appreciate the wind down of the week in all its glory,
and few spots that make February nights feel so worthwhile.


{{ First  }}
Cauliflower Soup
Cumin, Coriander, Spicy Pepita

{{  Second }}
Ceviche de Pulpo
Salsa Bruja, Ancho Chili, Mango

{{  Third }}
Beef Short Ribs
Arugula Puree, Red Miso Aioli, Shiitake, Sprouted Legumes

{{   Fourth }}
Roasted Beets
Pilpechuma, Labneh, Quinoa, Carrot Vinaigrette

{{   Finally }}
Cardamom Cake
Orange Caramel, Sesame Brittle