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Modern Italian with Scott Overall of Shewolf copy
Scott Overall of Shewolf

Chef Scott Overall Chef Shewolf


Modern Italian with Scott Overall of Detroit's Shewolf and Francis Pascal of Chicago's Vendador Frame & FRAMEbar > > Modern Italian with Scott Overall of Detroit’s Shewolf and Francis Pascal of Chicago’s Vendador

When we know, we know…so we just know you’re going to fall in love with Chefs Scott Overall and Francis Pascal.

This talented duo, who became dear friends while working together in Chicago on the opening culinary team at Roister, the Alinea Group’s casual concept.
Here, both integral in several awards, including when the restaurant received a Michelin star in its first year. 

After finishing their time together at Roister, life went in different directions. Francis, born in Albania, stayed in Chicago, collaborating with other Chicago-based chefs, photographers, and floral designers to create luxury in-home dining experiences, properly known as “Vendador Chicago”. 

And Scott, brought his talent home back to Detroit, as the executive sous chef at Shewolf, Frame’s most favorite James Beard-nominated modern Roman restaurant led by Chef Anthony Lombardo.

Coming back together, cooking in sync in the Frame kitchen, doing what these two do best: sharing their love for Italian cuisine, with a menu reflecting seasonal Michigan ingredients.
Prepare to meet Modern Italian.

Light, fresh and thoughtful dishes bringing together their assorted influences from amazing careers spent cooking in imminent kitchens.

One bite … and you, too will know.


{{ 01 }}
( Crudo )
Branzino Crudo, Olive, Fennel, Sumac Gremolata

{{ 02 }}
( Pasta )
Fresh Tomato Lasagna, Asiago, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, 

{{ 03 }}
( Carne )
Duck Breast, Sauce of Foraged Mushrooms, Spring Peas, Anise Hyssop
Fried Polenta, Stracciatella, Black Truffle 

{{ 04 }}
( Dolce ) 
Caramelized Honey Cake, Strawberry Jam, Whipped Yogurt, Pink Peppercorn