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As the song goes: Put on your Yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah. So much Funukkah, to celebrate Hanukkah.

This year, The Festival of Lights starts Sunday, December 18th, and we’re getting our latke fix by Frame-favorite Chef Mike Ran, who is making home-made potato pancakes by hand in small batches… crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with all the accoutrements.

Plus the holiday’s most famed foods: Bubbie’s Brisket, here cheffed up with Matzo Balls and a Ramen twist; and Sufganiyot, round jelly doughnuts filled with jam and topped with powdered sugar often eaten in Israel.
We’ll be lighting the first candle and spinning the dreidel with vodka cocktails by Frame’s Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver.
All The Chocolate Gelt. But None of The Jewish Guilt. 
You guessed it. This is Hanukkah – Frame style.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Jewish or even celebrate Hanukkah, at Frame we’re simply about bringing people
to (our) home for the holidays!

Modern Hanukkah Menu

{{ To Nosh }}
Chicory Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

{{ Then }}
Latkes and Accoutrements 

{{ Plus }}
Bubbie’s Brisket and Matzo Ball Ramen

{{ And Finally }}
Traditional Israeli Donuts

At our Frame tables, grownups and children enjoy the same menu because
the pint-sized set likes to get out and eat good food, too!