Chef Mariya Russell
Chef Mariya Russell

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If you haven’t yet heard of husband and wife duo Mariya and Garrett Russell, you soon will. We’d say this couple is going places, but quite frankly, their hardcore dedication and ridiculous attention to detail so far is already as pristine as it gets. 
In September 2019, Mariya became the first Black woman to earn her restaurant a Michelin star at Chicago’s Kumiko and Kikkō, where Garrett also worked. It was there, both contributing, when Kumiko won the Best New Restaurant award from Food & Wine magazine in 2019.
This couple is just one of those forces that beg us to pause and celebrate the ways food and drink instinctively bind the love for what we do every day at Frame. Joining us for one last stop before heading to Nashville to lay down their roots and make a name for themselves in their next big project, Mariya and Garrett kick off our March calendar.
On the menu: pastrami-spiced venison tartare, smoked whitefish fritters, poached trout with crispy skin, charred cabbage, and brûléed banana bread with miso, honey, and truffle.

Indulgent, decadent, and above all wildly playful — this menu inspires some serious wanderlust.


(( to get the Party started ))
Pastrami-Spiced Venison Tartare
Caramelized Onion, Mustard, Rye Chips
Smoked Whitefish Fritters
Caviar, Herbs, Remoulade
Nashville Hot” Deviled Egg
Chicken Skin, Chive

(( to Settle in ))
Crispy Pork Belly Porchetta
Poached Trout with Crispy Skin
Dirty Rice 
Charred Cabbage
Cornbread muffins

(( to Balance us all out ))
Brûléed Banana Bread
Miso, Honey, Truffle