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Mexican Holiday Dinner Party
Frame Talent: Eddie Vargus

Chef Eddie Vargas Chef Director of Operations, El Parian Hospitality


Fiesta Navideña: A Traditional Mexican Holiday Dinner Party with Eddie Vargas Frame & FRAMEbar > , > Fiesta Navideña: A Traditional Mexican Holiday Dinner Party with Eddie Vargas

Taking inspiration from Eddie Vargas’ rich Mexican roots, we can’t wait to welcome him back into our Frame family for an early December celebration. Eddie’s ingredient-driven menus are always exceptionally handmade, featuring one knockout dish at a time, like g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s Mexican winter treats such as tamales with Mexican corn truffle and tenderloin, pozole with guajillo broth, enchiladas with mole de Oaxaca and cajeta churro’s with sopapilla crumble … all traditional foods eaten during the holidays.

Accompanied by music, mezcal, and flickering prayer candles, we’ve got all the good vibes for a robust weekend fully ingrained in Mexican spirits.


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Pozole Rojo De Puerco
guajillo broth, pork, hominy, cabbage, radish, onion, salsa macha, tostada

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Enchilada De Mole Negro 
mole de Oaxaca, tortilla, chicken, crema, sesame seeds, queso fresco

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Tostada De Ceviche Ranchero 
blue corn tostada, ancho mayo, cactus, shrimp, white fish, salsa negra

{{   04  }}
Tamale de Huitlacoche 
cornmeal tamal wrapped in banana leaf, Mexican corn truffle, tenderloin, frijoles negros, molcajete salsa

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Nieve y Churro
cajeta churro, sopapilla crumble, fried ice cream, strawberry coulis 

++ Chefs are kindly requesting no dietary changes to his dinner menu ++