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Chef Meiko Krishok Chef Pink Flamingo & Guerrilla Foods


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Meiko Krishok of GUERRILLA FOOD uses her culinary brilliance as a tool for resistance against societal and individual illness. By day, she serves farm-to-table meals at her charming Pink Flamingo To Go in Detroit’s Palmer Park neighborhood, producing astonishing food from a tiny space.

And just for us, for one very special midsummer weekend, she’s drawing on the local bounty, using as many local growers as possible — Corn Wine Oil Farms, Maple Creek Farm, Brother Nature Produce, and Adamah Farm — breathing new life into a Korean BBQ experience with a fresh, irreverent approach.
Think fried squash-blossom pakora and Korean grilled short-rib with perilla leaves and kimchi.

With both a standard and vegan option for this experience,
Meiko is giving our bodies exactly what they’re asking for.
Do the logical thing and book now; you can always invite your friends later.

++ Choose Standard or Vegan at Checkout ++

{  First  }
Fried Squash Blossom Pakora
Stuffed with Cashew Cheese, Corn, and Basil

{ Next }
Green Beans and Potatoes
Preserved Lemon, Chiles, Fried Garlic
Local Tomato and Beet Salad
Miso-Walnut Dressing
Peach, Corn, and Cucumber Salad
with Fresh Herbs

Korean Grilled Short-Rib
with Perilla Leaves and Kimchi 
Vegan Choice
Soy-Glazed Grilled Eggplant
with King Oyster Mushrooms

{ Last but not Least }
Tropical Carrot Cake

Carrots, Macadamia Nuts, Pineapple, Passionfruit Mascarpone Icing
Vegan Choice
Sweet Corn Ice Cream w/ Michigan Berries