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Ethiopian Experience with Konjo-Me

Chef Helina Melaku Chef Chef-owner, Konjo Me


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Elevated Ethiopian classics with injera bread as your utensil…
This is the dinner experience you may not have known you were missing — until now, that is.
Prepare to meet Helina Melaku, born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, bringing the central tenet of her culinary culture to our Frame tables with Konjo Me.

Konjo Me’s food is traditional Ethiopian, finely tuned with feel-good favorites like Sambusa (savory pastry filled with beef and whole lentils) and Alicha (melt-in-your-mouth turmeric beef stew );
plus re-imaginings of her family recipes through a vegan, plant-based lens. Think Dirkosh Shiro (toasted injera with chickpeas) and Misir (hearty red lentil stew).

It’s all served with spongy injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread made from teff flour that is the heart of the Ethiopian table.

Helina will guide us through how to properly grip this rich cuisine, soaking up the juices sans fork and knife and experiencing Ethiopian culture in all its bright deliciousness.

We’re already craving a taste of this menu in the pursuit of tradition and technique only Konjo Me can deliver.
Don’t miss this truly authentic Ethiopian dining experience.


(( 1 ))
Savory Pastry with Beef and Whole Lentils
Dirkosh Shiro Dip (vegan option)
Toasted Injera with Shiro (Chickpeas)

(( 2 ))
Doro wot 
Slow-Cooked Onion, Berbere Sauce, Chicken Leg, Hard-Boiled Eggs
Dinich wot (vegan option)
Slow-Cooked Potato Stew  

(( 3 ))
Turmeric Beef Stew
Veggie Tibs (vegan option)
Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms

(( 4 ))
Red Lentil Stew

(( 5 ))
Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Konjo Me Coffee Ice Cream 
Chocolate Vanilla Cake Bites (vegan option)
Konjo Me Coffee Ice Cream