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DetroiTokyo. An Anime Dinner

Detroit Food Academy


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Imagine a comic book version of Detroit filtered through the colorful style of Japanese anime. Now imagine what a restaurant in that culturally mashed up fictional place might serve, because that’s exactly what the wildly creative Advanced Youth students of the Detroit Food Academy have dreamed up for our very special next up Frame experience!

Take a culinary journey that blends Detroit’s rich flavors with Japanese-inspired twists, all for a great cause. Frame is proud to present DetroiTokyo, a five-course dinner prepared by the Detroit Food Academy Advanced Youth, overseen by facilitator Chefs Jermond Booze (of Taste the Diaspora and Vinyl Tasting) and Le’Genevieve Squires (Relish).

This special dinner event is a fundraiser for the Detroit Food Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that inspires and empowers young Detroiters through culinary arts and food entrepreneurship. By participating in their programs, students learn important skills like cooking, marketing, and community engagement. In Frame’s open kitchen, they’ll experience the rush of preparing a coursed out meal for the public, putting into practice the valuable skills they’ve been honing all year by executing a conceptual menu from start to finish.

And wait ’til you get a load of this menu, featuring playful dishes like the “Coney Bao,” an inventive Japanese twist on the classic Detroit coney dog, or the “It’s Ramen…Boil,” which blends our youthful memories of ramen with the big flavors of a Cajun seafood boil. In DetroiTokyo, the Motor City’s ubiquitous Greek salad features katsu fried tofu and a Greek vinaigrette spiked with miso, and the yakitori chicken is glazed with Vernors. For dessert, a heavenly Japanese souffle topped with Browndog Faygo peach whipped cream and matcha Pocky crumble. We’re drooling already!

Of course, no dining experience is complete without something to wash it all down with, and Frame Sommelier Sean Crenny has curated a lovely wine pairing to complement this meal, while the students collaborated with Frame Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver on a very special non-alcoholic cocktail pairing. As always, there’ll be plenty of colorful and fun a la carte drinking options available, too.

At Frame, our mission is all about cultivating the next generation of culinary leaders, and we couldn’t think of a more powerful way to double down on that goal than this one-night-only collaboration with the Detroit Food Academy.

So come savor the flavors of Detroit in a whole new way, while making a positive impact on the youth and future of our city.
We can’t wait to see you there!

DetroiTokyo Menu

Course 1
Coney Bao
Bao Bun, Famous Detroit Chili, Dearborn Beef Hot Dog, Collard Kimchi, Green Onion

Course 2
It’s Ramen…Boil

Buttery Cajun Seafood Broth, Crispy Shrimp & Crab Wonton, Ramen Noodles, Sausage, Charred Baby Corn, Soft-boiled Egg, Cilantro, Furikake

Course 3
Katsu Greek Salad
Katsu Tofu, Romaine, Tomato, Pickled Red Onion, Cucumbers, Pickled Beets, Fried Garlic, Miso Greek Vinaigrette (vg)

Course 4
Vernors-glazed Yakitori Chicken, Crispy Sticky Rice, Pickled Ginger, Yum Sauce, Nori, Toasted Sesame Seeds

Course 5
Dough Ponyo
Japanese Soufflé, Browndog Faygo Peach Whipped Cream, Matcha Pocky Crumble