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Chinese new year 2023
Chef Ava Yau

Chef Ava Yau Chef Of Rice and Men


Chinese Lunar New Year, The Year of The Rabbit, with Chef Ava Yau of Ann Arbor's Of Rice and Men Frame & FRAMEbar > , > Chinese Lunar New Year, The Year of The Rabbit, with Chef Ava Yau of Ann Arbor’s Of Rice and Men

Come late January we’re ringing in the Chinese Lunar New Year (The Year of The Rabbit) with a full-blown traditional Lunar Experience by Chef Ava Yau from Ann Arbor’s Of Rice + Men — ushering us in a year of goodwill and good fortune. Plan on:’Peking Duck’ representing a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ( the skin of finished Peking Duck is red, a lucky colour in Chinese culture); ‘Noodle Clay Pots’ representing a long, long life ( here, it’s customary to slurp down the noodle without chewing so that the strands aren’t severed); ‘Crispy Salt and Pepper Cod’ meaning your year will be filled with prosperity and all you wish; and ‘Sesame Rice Balls’ a staple for New Year celebrations intended to symbolize togetherness and family reunion.

Bright, colorful, and full of customary dishes to delight all the senses, prepare for multiple courses with distinct, historical significance to set ourselves on a track for good luck in the new year.
Get set for a night of illumination, innovative creations, and a custom beverage experience curated by Frame’s Jaz’min Weaver and Sean Crenny.
One intimate seating each night.

The Year of the Rabbit is a dashing one, and we’re in for a joyful (and delicious) time.


(  Chef’s Compliment  )
Har Gaw
Shrimp Dumpling, Chinese Red Vinegar 
(  Dim Sum  )
Shrimp and Pork Dumpling 
Fried Taro and Pork Dumpling 
Fried Veggie Spring Roll Sweet Chili Sauce 
Charsiu Bao Pork Steam Bun 

(  The Mid Course  )
Crab Fried Rice Carrot
Crispy Salt and Pepper Cod
(  The Main Course  )
Peking Duck
Cucumber, Scallion, Carrot, Orange Duck Sauce 
Baked Shrimp and Noodle Clay Pot
Glass Noodle, Bacon, Chinese Celery, Szechuan 
(  The Finale  )
Sesame Rice Balls with Ginger Soup 

++   Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu  ++


Is someone on your gift list lucky enough to welcome in The Year of The Rabbit, Frame-style?
Let us curate a custom personalized gift certificate for your giftee!

Make the booking through Frame’s website and shoot us a note here so our gifting team can gather the details.