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Vegan Hut with Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx


Vegan Hut with Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx Frame & FRAMEbar > Vegan Hut with Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx

frame (sunday supper club) presents A Vegan Hut from Komodo Kitchen and Gina Onyx
Gina Onyx needs no introduction. The gastronomic pioneer behind Indonesian Supper Club, Komodo Kitchen, Gina has dedicated her life to curating immersive experiences exploring the rich cultural tapestry of her Indonesian cuisine. Bringing a jaw-dropping Vegan Hut tasting menu to frame featuring handthrown dishes filled with ‘Green Papaya Stew’, ‘Rice noodles with freshly ground garlic peanut dressing’ and ‘Sweet Potato Gnocchi in Javanese Arenga Broth’ – a popular dish served during the holy month of Ramadan – we revel in abundant herbs and spices with a rich plant based Sunday communal dinner. A dream menu and a dream come true for us to welcome back Gina into the frame kitchen.
MENU crudités // rujak manis slices of assorted raw tropical fruits served with sweet sour spicy sauce and dust of crushed balinese peanuts. This is one of the oldest dishes and the earliest historically identified foods of ancient Java. + ketoprak a typical street-food consisting of rice noodles, pungent freshly ground garlicky peanut dressing, organic fried tofu, persian cucumber, bean sprouts and tapioca chips. + palate cleanser // teh pandan high quality jasmine tea sweetened with pandan infused palm sugar syrup + main // lontong sayur a dish that often shows up in festive events. Green Papaya Stew served with steamed rice medallions, exotic herbs and spices and infused coconut broth. + intermezzo // lap tangan a hot towel infused with pandan and ylang ylang + sweet ending // kolak biji salak/candil sweet potato gnocchi in javanese arenga broth, drizzled with coconut cream This dish is out of this world and a popular dish during the holy month of Ramadan.

Chef is requesting no dietary changes to this menu

Sunday, November 24 2019 4:00pm and 7:00pm $58 per person + tax and service fee Included: A multi-course home-made vegan plant-based Sunday night dinner experience by Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen. Additional: A wine pairing by frame’s resident wine director and sommelier, Bryan Lamorena. ++ a la- carte beer, wine, frame cocktails
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