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Urbanrest Old World Beer Hall Dinner


Urbanrest Old World Beer Hall Dinner Frame & FRAMEbar > Urbanrest Old World Beer Hall Dinner

frame presents An Old World Beer Hall Dinner with Ferndale’s Urbanrest Brewing  and Dinner by  Chef Michael Barrera
“Belgian Ale Steamed Mussels. English Bread Pudding. German Pilsner Malt, Zippy Czech Saaz Hops.” However, we try to describe this next up frame experience. Touches of England, Germany, and Belgium…Errrr, know this… It’s the latest labor of love from Advanced Cicerone, Zach Typinski’s, Urbanrest Brewing and Chef Michael Barrera in a shrine to the most marvelous of things: People who are madly in love with fermentation, all things yeasty, urban farmhouse ale, locally brewed kombucha, and warm comfort food on a Friday night. Read on. If this pairing doesn’t brighten up these cold and dark wintry evenings, we don’t know what will.


(  01  ) eat BRAMBORAKY Czech Style Potato Pancake, Caraway, Sauerkraut, Dill, Sour Cream + drink Crystal & Gold 5% – Golden Ale  Made with Pilsner malt, wheat, oats and rye. Doughy pils malt aroma, delicate cracker, brisk and snappy finish.



(  02  ) eat ALE STEAMED MUSSELS Caramelized Leeks, Smoked Bacon, Garlic, Butter + drink Agree to Disagree 6.4% – English IPA Made with British pale and caramel malt. Fermented with a blend of two English ale strains. Earthy orange marmalade, floral honey, toasty pale malt character. Dry and crisp.


(  03  ) eat BRAISED BEEF & WINTER VEGETABLE PIE Short Rib, Celery Root, Carrot,  Mushroom, Puff Pastry + drink ENGLISH DARK MILD –  4.9% Made with English Pale, Chocolate and Specialty Caramel Malts Ladyfinger biscuits, toasty caramel with a balanced sweet, dry finish.


(  04  ) eat KASEKRAINER Austrian Pork Sausage, Emmentaler Cheese, Whole Grain Honey Mustard Braised Red Cabbage, Split-Top Bun

drink AN AFTERNOON IN BAVARIA – 7.2% Pale Weizenbock. Made with German Pilsner Malt, Red Wheat, and Weizen Ale Yeast Fresh bread crust, soft wheat, complex clove, banana with mild warmth


(  05  ) eat CARAMELIZED APPLE BREAD PUDDING Maple Vanilla Creme Anglaise, Toasted Almonds + drink SEEDS OF REFLECTION VOL 2 – 7.2% Abbey Style Amber Ale. Made with Belgian Pilsner, Wheat, Specialty Caramel Malts and Organic raisins. Notes of dried fig and plum skin, caramelized bread with subtle spicy clove.

Friday, February 21st 5:30pm and 8:30pm  $50 per person + tax and service fee Included: 5 courses of Old World winter fare pairing with paired Urbanrest Beers. ++ Chef is requesting no dietary changes to his menu++ Additional: Really Cool Urbanrest Swag and Growlers. ++ a la carte additional beers, Urbanrest house-made kombucha, wine, and frame cocktails ++
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