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The Seafood Bar by Chef Michael Barrera


The Seafood Bar by Chef Michael Barrera Frame & FRAMEbar > The Seafood Bar by Chef Michael Barrera

Bringing an unpretentious sincere homage to “New England Culture ” frame is transforming a The SeafoodBAR for one very delicious weekend thanks to the ethos of our favored fishmonger, Chef Michael Barrera.

Classic Cocktails from frame’s Mixtress Jaz’min Weaver. Wine paired just right with every course by frame’s Wine Director

A Little Bit Coastal.  A Whole Lot of Party. Shrimp Scampi. Roasted Garlic Butter. Crab Rolls. Homemade Clam Chowder. Sea Scallops

A Sense of Fun. Always done…frame-style.

Seafood Bar

{{  Welcome  }} Clam Chowder  Oyster crackers. Chive oil
{{  Next  }} Shrimp Scampi Roasted Garlic Butter, Lemon, Parsley, Red Chili, Grilled Sourdough {{  Then  }} Crab Roll Brioche, Dill, Scallion, Celery Seed, Old Bay {{  With  }} Sea Scallops Sweet Corn Risotto, Fennel Soubise, Basil, Mushroom
{{  And Last  }} Key Lime Pie ++ Chef is kindly requesting no dietary changes to this dinner menu ++

Pre-Covid canceled frame tickets: If you have a frame credit that you would like to use for this experience please email us here and we will happily honor your credit. Covid Protocols at frame Please know that our response plan includes every measure of protocol on workplace infection-control practice and health and safety training. Give the year-round gift of frame and FRAMEbar With an ever-changing line-up of chef residencies, wine workshops, chef-taught cooking classes, food and film collaborations, book dinners, cocktail master-classes, and more, no two days at frame are ever the same.  frame gift cards are available in any denomination and make year-round gift-giving really easy! Purchase an eGift or mail a physical gift card HERE
Tickets on Sale Now. Please choose: the yurts @ frame (one price for up to 6 guests) or the frame dining room (sold singularly for 1-8 guests)