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Chef Michael Barrera Chef Frame Culinary Director / Resident Chef


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Frame’s first-ever Salsa MasterClass hosted by Chef Michael Barrera will teach lucky 24 students the art of “next level” salsa making with hands-on lessons in mastering the techniques of Salsa Verde and Salsa Negra.

Over two hours, Michael will be breaking down the science and techniques of prep work…all the way to storing and preservation; creating a wildly interesting balance between a little heat and a lot of flavors.

Putting everything you’ve learned into practice, you’ll take home a container of your salsa, the tricks, tips, recipes, and enjoy the fruits of your labor by snacking on chips and guacamole.

Ask Michael all your sauciest questions while sipping paired wines and beer from frame’s beverage team. Sorry in advance – you will probably leave so spoiled, you’ll never buy pre-made salsa ever again.

Thinking of Workshop Gifting? This One is For Those Who Like to Spice-Things-Up