Mastering Sauces For Every Occasion by Chef Brendon Edwards

Oct 23rd

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Mastering Sauces for Every Occasion
Chef Brendon Edwards

If you’re like us, there’s no denying the smell and comfort of homemade pasta sauce. Enter Chef Brendon Edwards of Detroit’s GoldCashGold  who is joining us at frame for a night of mastering 3 home-made sauces that you’ll learn to use for numerous occasions: Tomato, Cream/Butter, and Herb Pesto with variants of different nuts, seeds, chili, and cheese.

In the first part of this class, Brendon will embrace his inner Julia Child ( most of us didn’t know he used to be a 2nd-grade teacher) and we will work communally inside of frame’s kitchen as he shows us hands-on how to take the mystery out of the perfectly prepared sauce.

Because all work and no play is never our motto, we will then gather at our candlelight tables for a casual pasta supper with an herb sauce you’ve created yourself.

Ask Brendon all your sauciest questions and sip paired wines from frame’s sommelier Bryan Lamorena.
Sorry in advance – you will probably leave so spoiled, you’ll never buy jarred sauce ever again.

Wednesday, October 23rd

$65 per person + tax and service fee
Each workshop is limited to 20 guests

A two-hour sauces workshop, recipes and a light pasta dinner held by Chef Brendan Edwards of GoldCashGold.

++ a-la-carte beer, wine, and frame cocktails.

Tickets on sale now.

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“Tried out frame as part of the ‘grandma’s basement series’ with Chef James (Mabel Gray) and Chef John (Grey Ghost). Our Italian Family Dinner was delicious! Enjoyed every course (which kept coming). Best meatballs I’ve ever had!! Love the idea of home Cookin with a little flare, shared Family style with strangers. A wonderful evening!”

What are people saying?

Mark Kurlyandchik, Detroit Free Press

“The vibe at the Frame dinners also reflected the personalities of the chefs, who were able to interact with guests and offer stories about their food memories while cooking rustic dishes without the same expectations that come with their respective restaurants. The food was predictably great and unpretentious, but the series also highlighted the growing importance of personality and storytelling to the modern dining experience.”

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