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Salt & Lime: Mastering the Margarita with Eddie Vargas
Frame Talent: Eddie Vargus

Chef Eddie Vargas Chef Director of Operations, El Parian Hospitality


Salt & Lime: Mastering the Margarita with Eddie Vargas Frame & FRAMEbar > , , , , , , > Salt & Lime: Mastering the Margarita with Eddie Vargas

Friends of Frame know Eddie Vargas as a talented Mexican chef who dazzles guests with his family’s traditional birria and upscale takes on regional Mexican cuisine. But the director of operations for Southwest Detroit’s powerhouse El Parian Hospitality group made his name in the city first for his prowess behind the stick.

And of course, Mexican cocktails are Eddie’s specialty, helping El Parian win both “top taco” and “best margarita” designations at last year’s Taco Showdown Detroit.

Under Eddie’s expert tutelage, together you’ll explore the fascinating history of margaritas while discovering the essential techniques, ingredients, and tools needed to concoct the ultimate expression of one. As you shake, stir, and mix your way through the class, you’ll also learn about the different types of tequila and mezcal, and how their unique characteristics can influence the taste of your margarita.

Drawing from the success of his acclaimed restaurants, Eddie will share his passion for mixology and his tried-and-true tips for achieving the perfect balance of flavors. From the classic lime margarita to creative twists and variations, you’ll learn from the best in the business.

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