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Bringing new life to a forgotten fad…
(the ’90s called and they want their espresso martini back)
We cannot wait for you to meet Detroit’s CoffeeHaus to help us through two very serious
obsessions at Frame:
strong coffee and stiff cocktails.

This Wednesday night workshop is designed for everyone from the coffee professional to the home enthusiast obsessed with modern coffee culture. Over two hours, we’ll dive into the bean-to-cup side of the coffee world, observing, tasting, smelling, and learning about the development of coffee, including how roasting temperatures, micro-roasting, and nitrogen infusing intensify and alter the final product.

By the end of class, you’ll be stirring and shaking up
an Espresso Martini, a Coffee Old-Fashioned, and a Coconut Cream Coffee Daiquiri.

We’re talking caffeine and an alcohol buzz here.
Feel free to think of these two hours as the most eye-opening “how-to” in this next up Frame (Academy) series.

For the full Frame experience we suggest dinner and drinks before or after class, shoot us a note here … and we’ll be thrilled to book in your dinner seats too!