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CANTINA Vega at FRAMEbar: A Vegan Mexican Pop-Up with Nepantla Cafe Frame & FRAMEbar > , > CANTINA Vega at FRAMEbar: A Vegan Mexican Pop-Up with Nepantla Cafe

Inspired by the lively street-side taquerias of Mexico City, we’re threading plant-based eaters through the Mexican palate, as CANTINA VEGA at FRAMEbar takes up residence for the month of November. 
Prepare to swoon over the wildly talented Rocky Coronado of Southwest Detroit’s Nepantla Cafe, bringing a plant-based menu even non-vegans will love. Here, proud Indigenous roots, impeccable creative vision, and inherent mastery of food marry Mexico’s delicious flavors, all underpinned by Rocky’s dedication to craft and community — from the fresh, handmade non-GMO corn tortillas, to the Indigenous growers providing much of the produce.

There’ll be plates large and small with an extensive vegan wine and cocktail takeover using spirits from Mexico by Frame’s Jaz’min Weaver and a not-to-miss wine list by Sean Crenny.
Tequila and mezcal cocktails in our warm casual environment. We’re ordering one of EVERYTHING: 

‘Molè Madre,’ vegan “duck” with plantains, puréed xni pek and sesame tortillas; ‘Tamalitos Rojos,’ heirloom corn masa harina stuffed with smoked grey oyster and brown clamshell mushrooms, simmered in a savory red chile sauce and steamed in a corn husk; and ‘Huitlacoche Cheesecake,’ a hibiscus crumble crust with a goldenrod syrup. 

And the next night we’re doing: ‘Menudo,’ a robust guajillo chile and herb stew with wild white tremellas, konjac root, key limes, red onions, and cilantro; ‘Suela Meunière,’ a Mexican take on the classic French dish, Sole Meunière, which is banana blossom dusted with flour, lightly fried with vegan ghee and cedar-smoked wild rice. Plus ‘Atole Ice Cream,’ with gelled cinnamon and espresso cubes in a vanilla soup. 

November is sort of a short month — so we’re making every day count! 
Bold Flavors. Loads of Fun. A Guarantee from Us to You. 

This cantina tastiness runs from November 2nd to November 27th.  
Walk-in table, heated patio, and bar seats available. Reservations recommended.
We think of these residencies as monthlong parties, hand-selected by us, for you.
Frame and FRAMEbar.
Two concepts.
One roof.
Simply more chef experiences to mingle with.


Pozole Verde 
Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Hopi Blue Corn Hominy, 
Shallot Rings, Roasted Chiles, Crema, Smoked Salt

Robust Guajillo Chile and Herb Stew with Wild White 
Tremellas, Konjac Root, Key Limes, Red Onions, Cilantro

Tamalitos Rojos 
Heirloom Corn Masa Harina Stuffed with Smoked Grey Oyster and Brown Clamshell Mushrooms,
Simmered in a Savory Red Chile Sauce and Steamed in a Corn Husk

Mole Madre
Vegan “Duck”, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Plantains, 
Puréed Xni Pek, Sesame Tortilla

Cochinita Pibil 
Smoked Trumpet Royal and Maitake Mushrooms, Staghorn Sumac,
Quelites con Verdolagas Foraged Greens and Purslane

Suela Meunière 
A Mexican take of the Classic French dish Sole Meunière
Banana Blossom Dusted with Flour and Lightly Fried with a Vegan Ghee,
Cedar-Smoked Wild Rice

Huitlacoche Cheesecake 
Hibiscus Crumble Crust and a Goldenrod Syrup

Atole Ice Cream 
Gelled Cinnamon and Espresso Cubes in a Vanilla Soup

CANTINA Vega at FRAMEbar: A Vegan Mexican Pop-Up with Southwest Detroit’s Nepantla Cafe
November 2nd – November 27th, 2022
Walk-in Table and Bar Seats for a la Carte Ordering; No Pre-Purchased Tickets are Needed Here 
(but reservations are still recommended)