Bee School with Detroit’s Bees In The D  

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Welcome to Bee School, the only academic institution on Earth where a Bee is actually more useful than an ‘A’. Now, join our mission : to get buzzed. These savvy keepers even have their own boozy collab with Detroit City Distillery.

Of course we’re talking about a collaboration with Bees In The D, Detroit’s own non-profit working to support local honeybee colonies and native pollinators.

In our two hours with their bee-loving team, we’ll explore the fascinating world of honeybees and their essential role in our ecosystem. Get ready to learn the ins and outs of beekeeping, from setting up your own hive to understanding the complex social structure of a bee colony. You’ll also discover the process behind honey production, and even have a chance to taste the sweet results of these busy bees’ hard work.

We’ll also delve into the importance of native pollinators and learn how to create bee-friendly spaces in our own backyards. With guidance from the Bees In The D experts, you’ll be inspired to become a true advocate for these essential pollinators.