Bagel Making and Booze with Brad Lutz of Detroit's Doughtown Bagels Frame & FRAMEbar > Bagel Making and Booze with Brad Lutz of Detroit’s Doughtown Bagels

Join us for our next up dream workshop and learn, hands-on how to master bagel making. Hand rolling dough using traditional techniques to boil and bake to perfection from Brad Lutz of Detroit’s Doughtown Bagels,

As the song goes, put on your Yamulke—here comes Hanukkah.  So much Funukkah.  To celebrate Hanukkah. Yes, you guessed it, we’ve timed Bagel Making and Booze during this year’s eight crazy nights.

A business bred from the pandemic (no pun intended) … Brad, the son and grandson of two amazing bakers, began making large batches of challah in exchange for donations to support the service industry and social justice organizations. From here, it was working with Chef John Yelinak, donning proper Bagel Pop-Ups … to now, a weekly Sunday Bagel Pop-Up at Detroit’s adored West Village, Sister Pie, where dozens of Doughtown Bagels sell out every Sunday, within minutes.

Ask Brad all your dough-iest questions, learn how to build (and eat) the perfect bagel sandwich, and sip boozy brunch cocktails made from behind frame’s marble bar.

Grab your besties and make Bobe proud. This boozy bagel hands-on bagel-making experience is limited to 24 guests and makes a darn groovy Hanukkah gift. There will be Dreidels and Chocolate Gelt. But none of the Jewish Guilt. 

PS: Your mother called. She’d like you to bring home some bagels.