They did it.  They created a nationally relevant restaurant in the heart of Detroit.  They brought throngs of people to the city, and showed what was possible.  Then, it was gone.  A spark, a flame, a tragedy.  But, you can't keep a good chef down.  They regrouped, and started all over again.  Planning, building, cooking, creating.  Katoi will return, better, stronger.  There's no doubt in that.  For now, frame is very pleased to provide the Katoi Bois a temporary home, while offering you a glimpse of what's to come at our grand opening in June.  We honestly aren't quite ready.  Hand-thrown dinnerware is mid-production, custom tables are being built, graphic design is ongoing.  But, sometimes life changes your plans overnight.  It did for Katoi, and it did for frame.   So, join us for frame (beta), an extended Katoi residency at our lovely, almost-polished home in Hazel Park.

- 5 courses over 2 hours -
- spirited communal punch created & paired with each menu
by Katoi & frame beverage directors -
- sparkling water -
- gratuity -
- sales tax -

Available for purchase night of:
- Limited, curated bar menu of wine, beer, and cocktails -

Menus for this series will change weekly, and be revealed the evening of dinners.
Vegetarian option available.  Add veggie dinners to cart separately.  
An email with all the details you'll need for an evening at frame will arrive the week of your reservation.
See ya soon.

current availability:

friday, 4/28, @ 9pm
saturday, 4/29, @ 9pm

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