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The World of Sparkling wine and Champagne

Sommelier Sean Crenny Sommelier Frame's Food & Beverage Director


The World of Sparkling Wine & Champagne with Frame's Sean Crenny (Frame Holiday Gift Guide) Frame > , , , > The World of Sparkling Wine & Champagne with Frame’s Sean Crenny (Frame Holiday Gift Guide)

Sparkling wine, and Champagne in particular, has often been the drink of choice to toast with and to celebrate anything and everything in between. 
But have you ever wondered how they get to be bubbly? Or what makes sparkling wine Champagne? Grab a seat with Frame’s sommelier Sean Crenny and sip away while you dive into a deep and informative discussion on the different processes behind making sparkling wine from around the globe with six classic expressions of bubbly to taste and explore.
Learn the differences between Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Sekt, and more while you nibble on perfectly paired seasonal cheese boards. Pick the favorite people on your gift list for this Frame experience and maybe they’ll share their newfound bottles as a mistle-token of their appreciation.

This festive gift experience comes with a custom gift certificate — in Frame’s signature holiday envelope — ready for gifting the luxury seekers on your list.