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Pinot Noir wine workshop


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Frame’s mantra: less stuff, more experience. we all want it.
With major fall entertaining right around the corner and a wine fridge that most likely needs filling for the cooler temps ahead, Frame’s wine director brings us a Pinot Noir Masterclass.

Plan to explore the importance of “terroir” in Pinot Noir, as you will be tasting through a selection of Pinot’s grown throughout the world.
You’ll sharpen your senses as you taste, sip, smell, and discuss each of their different aromas, flavors, and characteristics. 

When we’re not pairing menus for the dozens of our ever-changing Frame chefs, he’s constantly on the hunt for the best winemakers in the biz.
Luckily for us, his once-monthly wine masterclasses come just in time to begin preparing for our November feasts.
Grab a friend or fly solo. Sean can’t wait to greet you with a glass in hand.


Workshops run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. So if you’re looking to make a full evening of it, plan on dinner and drinks at FRAMEbar, our more casual side, before or after class. 

FRAMEbar residencies pivot monthly with a rotating shared small plates bar menu, bringing the same level of Frame chef talent in a more casual vibe. We’ll be in touch when November reservations go live.
Hint: our experiences can also be booked for private events and corporate experiences.
We just love that no two weeks are ever the same at Frame.