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New Nostalgia timeless dinner - Sarah Bobier Artisan
Chef Sarah Bobier

Chef Sarah Bobier Chef Artisan Traverse City


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Imagine the comfort of your childhood food memories transformed and elevated by the brilliance of an exacting up-and-coming chef. That’s the promise of “New Nostalgia,” a heartwarming dinner party that showcases the imaginative culinary talents of Chef Sarah Bobier from Artisan Traverse City. With a touch of magic and a passion for community, Sarah has skillfully woven together the warmth of cherished childhood memories with the sophistication she acquired in renowned New York kitchens like Jean Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen.

Under her grandmother’s loving guidance, she learned to create healthful, delicious dishes, ultimately earning a full ride to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, by winning a SkillsUSA competition.

Now, as Chef de Cuisine at Artisan, Sarah brings her passion for community and simplicity to the table, crafting dishes that celebrate the finest local ingredients Traverse City has to offer. Housed within the new Delamar hotel, Artisan is a vibrant celebration of local craftspeople and exceptional hospitality. Part of Connecticut-based Greenwich Hospitality, the hotel restaurant features hand-painted murals, locally made pottery, and ever-changing floral arrangements from the area’s finest florists. Fortunate to be situated in Northern Michigan — one of the country’s most fertile, productive, and diverse agricultural regions — Artisan embraces the land’s rich farming heritage and celebrates its remarkable seasonal bounty, bringing to life modern interpretations of classic Great Lakes-inspired cuisine.

So join Chef Sarah and Artisan Chef Chris Rutkowski (co-owner of Harbor Springs darling Willow), as they weave together the story of growing up in Michigan, told through exquisite, elevated dishes. Relish in the playful “Clam Chowder,” turned into a foam atop a PEI Oyster with bacon, or the refreshing Greek salad verte with its green olive-caper crunch, and the soul-soothing Hamtramck root beer-braised veal pierogi — nothing like the ones babcia used to make! There’ll be Old World anolini bolognese and a rich lobster risotto made with Carolina Gold rice.
And for a sweet finale, delight in a whimsical macaron trio featuring the flavors of foie gras “PB&J”, classic Oreo, and tiramisu.

Join us for this unforgettable dinner party and let Chefs Sarah and Chris whisk you away on a nostalgic culinary journey, expertly blending their rustic Michigan roots and fine-dining finesse. Experience the enchantment of childhood memories elevated through the hands of skilled chefs and leave with a renewed appreciation for the art of simple, elegant, and truly transportive cuisine.

New Nostalgia Menu
by Artisan Traverse City
{ 1 }
Kitchen Canapé
“Saturday at Eastern Market”

{ 2 }
“Clam Chowder”
PEI Oyster, Aerated Chowder, White Matignon, Fennel Cracker, Bacon

{ 3 }
Greek Salad Verte
Green Leaf, Green Goddess, Green Olive-Caper Crunch, Bell Pepper, Feta, Cucumber

{ 4 }

Bolognese Anolini
Handmade Anolini, Pecorino Fondue, Old World Pepperoni, Lemon-Herb Crumb

{ 5 }
Lobster & Rice
Carolina Gold Rice, Maine Lobster, Taleggio, Calabrian Chili Crisp, Salsa Verde

{ 6 }
Veal Pierogi
Hamtramck Root Beer-Braised Veal Pierogi, Spring Vegetable Cabbage Roll, Ice Wine Vin

{ 7 }
Macaron Trio
Foie “PB&J”, Classic Oreo, Tiramisu

*Featuring farm partners: Loma Farms, 9 Bean Rows, Lakeview Hill Farm, Middle Branch, Bakker’s Acres, Bardenhagen Berries*