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Weiss Cocktail Dinner Party2

Chef Michael Barrera Chef Frame Culinary Director / Resident Chef


Grain-To-Glass Cocktail Dinner Party with Weiss Distilling & Chef Michael Barrera Frame & FRAMEbar > Grain-To-Glass Cocktail Dinner Party with Weiss Distilling & Chef Michael Barrera

OK, summer. We feel you heating up and we’re more than ready to greet you with a chilled glass in hand.

Variety, handcrafted spirits, and Midwest organic ingredients motivate us.
Three reasons why we’re excited to welcome Clawson’s Weiss Distilling and their small-batch, organic, hand-bottled spirits to Frame for an immersive dinner party
together with Chef Michael Barrera creating a hyper-local pairing with true heart and soul.

Gather your besties.
We’re talking hearth-roasted eggplant with lemon, mint, harissa oil, and naan paired with Weiss’ floral, citrus-forward Straitjacket Gin. There’ll be smoked salmon with capers, grapefruit, and fresno chile to go along with super smooth, chilled Vanishing Vodka. And a dark chocolate hazelnut tart to pair with Weiss’ barrel-aged Caribbean rum.

A summer cocktail dinner party focusing on …
you guessed it, spirit.


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Eat: Hearth Roasted Eggplant
Lemon, Mint, Harissa Oil, Naan, Red Onion, Pepperoncini 
Sip: Gin

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Eat: Smoked Salmon
Caper, Grapefruit, Dill, Fresno Chile, Cucumber, Olive Oil, Pumpernickel 
Sip: Vodka

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Eat: Smoked Pulled Pork
Maple Glaze, Biscuit, Chopped Slaw, New Pickles
Sip: Moonshine

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Eat: Prime Beef Kabob
Tomato, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potato, Arugula, Chimichurri 
Sip: More Gin

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Eat: Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
Whipped Cream
Sip: Rum