Friday Night Anatomy
Chef Matthew Baldridge

Chef Matthew Baldridge Chef Motor City Seafood


Friday Night Anatomy with Chefs Matthew Baldridge, Kendra Szachta, Mark Hughes, and Scott Martinelli Frame & FRAMEbar > Friday Night Anatomy with Chefs Matthew Baldridge, Kendra Szachta, Mark Hughes, and Scott Martinelli

Calling all adventurous eaters: Prepare for Friday Night Anatomy.

We’ve tapped Chef Matthew Baldridge to wrangle his three best-loved Republic and Parks & Rec alumni to bring back their pre-pandemic “Anatomy Night Pop-Up,” focusing on the most underutilized cuts of meat while honoring sustainability and low-waste cooking. 

Chefs Matthew Baldridge (former chef-owner of the Conserva turned Motor City Seafood Co. fishmonger), Kendra Szachta (chef at Howlers and Growlers in Grosse Pointe Park), Mark Hughes (executive chef at Berkley Common), and Scott Martinelli (chef de cuisine at Sylvan Table) have each built their reputations of show-stopping dishes at their own respected restaurants.

But what they miss the most is the camaraderie of working together in the same kitchen.
So in Frame’s truest form, we are bringing the band back together, with each member creating a signature dish, pushing some crazy chef ideas with some uncommon cuts of protein.

Vegetarians might want to give this one a pass.
But for everyone else…
You’re in for a seriously fun and meaty treat of an evening.

Bonus: umami martinis and fat-washed whiskey cocktails crafted by Frame’s own mixtress, Jaz’min Weaver. 

Anatomy Night Menu

( 1 )
by Chef Matthew Baldridge
 Fermented Grape, Ponzu Gastrique, Chili Oil, Squid Ink Tuille, Dried Flowers

( 2 )
Chicken and Waffles
by Chef Mark Hughes
Pimiento Cheese Waffle, Liver, Black Garlic BBQ Sauce, Cured Egg Yolk, Fresno Maple Syrup

( 3 )
Lamb Kidney Ravioli
a collaboration from all four chefs
Curry, Coconut Bone Marrow Broth, Golden Raisin & Cashew Chutney, Lime

( 4 )
Cotechino Sausage
by Chef Scott Martinelli
Crispy Pig Ear, Butter Beans, Horseradish Salsa Verde

( 5 )
Dark Chocolate Foie Gras Mousse
by Chef Kendra Szachta
Cabernet Cherries, Pistachio Brittle, Candied Orange