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BBQ Bootcamp with Chef James Anderson of Ray Ray's Hog Pit
James Anderson

Chef/Pitmaster James Anderson Chef/Pitmaster Ray Ray's Hog Pit


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There are plenty of purveyors of barbecue, but few true masters of the pit. Chef James Anderson is one of them, locally beloved and nationally renowned by connoisseurs and critics alike for offering “the real deal.”

After drawing a long waiting list for his last Frame workshop, we’re bringing Chef James back for not one but two nights of hands-on BBQ mastery, throwing down a beginner-to-expert bootcamp.

New to the ‘cue? Join us in our judgment-free tented backlot space and learn the ins and outs from the pitmaster himself during an in-depth Intro to BBQ 101 workshop led by Chef James Wednesday night.

Or are you the more seasoned type looking to take your game to the next level with some deeper dives on techniques and methods? Then Thursday night’s Smoking Masterclass is just for you.

Or come both nights for a full nose-to-tail educational BBQ bootcamp experience with Ray Ray’s Hog Pit, and plenty of beer and whiskey from behind Frame’s marble bar to keep things moving.

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Nov. 1 – BBQ 101 with Chef James Anderson

Imagine getting to spend the afternoon learning to paint with Van Gogh, or jamming with Hendrix. Well, here’s your chance. Chef James’ decades of experience and insight are available to a limited few, only those eager to acquire his refined methods for cooking pulled pork and brisket to tender, tasty perfection, along with a deep dive into making dry rubs, sourcing good meat for BBQ, backyard smoker fundamentals, and more. For 2 hours, you’ll learn from the pitmaster himself as he reveals the secrets behind the smoke. Come ready, and come hungry — as there’ll be plenty of ‘cue to snack on. Gather ‘round and spend an afternoon with fellow enthusiasts as “Ray Ray” shares the techniques needed to create your own signature barbecue.

Nov. 2 – Smoking Masterclass with Chef James Anderson

Dive into the world of smoky aromas and flavor layers with Chef James Anderson’s Smoking Masterclass, an experience crafted for those who have journeyed past the basics and are thirsting for a deeper mastery of the barbecue arts. Chef James delves into the realm of low and slow smoking, showcasing techniques perfect for steaks and a range of veggies that you never imagined could hold such depths of flavor. Go beyond the brisket with advanced treatments that only true pitmasters know. As the smoke curls and dances, you’ll discover nuances, tips, and tricks that elevate your barbecue game to an entirely new echelon.

Workshops run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
So if you’re looking to make a full evening of it, we recommend dinner and drinks at FRAMEbar, our more casual side, before or after class.